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Why we are leaders?
IDACO has thrived to maintain a leading position in the Egyptian market in general.
Competition made us more willing to achieve and maintain this leadership.
Advanced technology, value added services, organized operations, efficient management and professional employees have all contributed to establishing a strong and unique corporate culture that we are all proud of.
How do we train our employees?
To maintain our distinguished position, we strongly believe in the value of training to develop employees' knowledge and competencies to achieve higher standards of performance. 

Methods of development include on-the-job competency development through coaching and learning, as well as off-site training in the form of formal training sessions, workshops and seminars. 

Job rotation, job enrichment and empowerment are also among the methods we apply to further develop efficient employees and
prepare them for greater responsibilities or future business needs.

What is our Training Style?
Our training programs follow the Dynamic Learning approach. This approach is based on the principle that it is possible to define the required skills and then transfer them to learners in practical terms. As a result, learners quickly develop the ability to perform tasks rather than simply acquire knowledge about them.
Every Dynamic Learning program is designed around a planned series of structured activities to make people discover by themselves how to change and therefore take initiation to the change process.