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Production Areas

  • Factory 1 production area: 2,730 m2
  • Factory 2 production area: 10,000 m2
  • Land available for high demand (in 6 October city): 22,000 m2

Production Capacity

  • Working 2 shifts at 60% of our capacity.
  • Available machines to produce about 50,000 sets.
  • Much more capacity from the new extensions.

Developed by IDACO

  • Conveyor assembly lines to improve productivity.
  • Barcode system, production to packaging.
  • Measuring process times to improve productivity

Automatic Machinery

  • Gamma 333 PC
  • Alpha 433.
  • Schleuniger CC36
  • Komax ims 295


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  1. Automatic Machines: We use the most advanced Komax machines for cutting, stripping and crimping the wires
  2. Semi-automatic Machines: We use the semi-automatic presses for the low volume harnesses
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Assembly lines

1. Sub Assembly lines
Using visual aids & Sub assembly stands to ease the production process

2. Assembly lines
Using lay up boards (in house manufacturing) for assembling harnesses.

We have two types of assembly line based on the capacity planning:

A.Using conveyers to smooth & increase the production output (line balancing) for high volume (or complex harnesses)

B.Using static boards For low volume (or simple harnesses)

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Harness Testing

lightbox Technical and technological developments in motor vehicle construction have resulted in a constant growth in the range of options and functions available.

Individual subsystems and assemblies, particularly wire harnesses, are becoming more and more complex, and sources of error and testing requirements are multiplying accordingly.

Getting 100% quality from all assemblies, modules and components means running 100% thorough function testing. 
IDACO uses Germany TSK and Turkey Elopar testers that offer state of the art continuity testing.

TSK Testers are fast, accurate and easy to use which has been designed to take advantage of the latest available technologies to provide a highly flexible and adaptable product line that meets the changing needs of wire harness manufacturing. All TSK Testers are programmed using advanced software and they support the same accessories.

We use the appropriate effective quality control systems for all electrical, electronic and test requirements. Protecting quality means protecting customers.