Egypt today is one of the best countries in the world that is attracting the Wiring Harness business because of its low labor cost, geographical location and its political land regional stability, IDACO is the leader in wiring harness in Egypt possessing 2 thirds of the market share, and exporting to Europe since 2005.

The Egyptian government has been working for years to provide a very competitive environment for investments worldwide, the following web sites will explain better the governments supports in the laws, services, ports, lands and many others, please visit the links for detailed information that assure a promising future for the investments at Egypt.

““We have the pleasure to inform our esteemed customers worldwide that our company is a family owned company, with a zero debt/equity ratio. Our financial situation is very strong, the money needed for our planned extensions is available in our own account, and we are able to supply according to our promised plans and contracts.

 Geographical location :

The Geographical location of Egypt in the Middle East and North Africa reduces both the sea and air freight charges and times, between all the countries, and where IDACO is located at 6th October City in the cross road between the four main Egyptian ports Alexandria seaport, Damietta seaport, Sokhna seaport and Cairo airport, the inland transportation will be reduced.