Main Features in H-Tester are as following:

1- Automatic Learning for device sockets.

2- Automatic Learning for harness wires.

3- Easy way to learn colors for wires.

4- Easy way to learn pictures for sockets.

5- Real time testing.

6- Real time probe pin.

7- Show the picture of the socket and the position of the pin when any pin probed.

8- Easy to detect errors in the harness.

9- Show all errors in the harness at minimum number of rows (sophisticated effective Algorithm).

10- Show the Picture of the socket and the position of the pin in the socket when any pin is probed.

11- Scanning all pins of the harness in milliseconds which make the testing process very fast.

12- Easy to use the device which makes no need for experienced technicians.

13- Up to 32768 test point.

14- Testing Resistors values (if exist in Harness) from Ohms and Up to Mega Ohms with tolerance less than (+/-) 1 %.

15- Testing Capacitors values (if exist in Harness) from Nano Farads and Up to hundreds of Micro Farads with tolerance less than (+/-) 1%.

16- Low power consumption.

17- Easy installation.

18- Compatible with TSK Modules.


H-tester Brochure.pdf

Technical Documentation
Htester doc.pdf