IDACO certified ISO-TS 16949:2009, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, and QSB (Quality Systems Basics) of General Motor, IDACO implements Barcode System for all the process starting from Production to packaging.

   Purchasing : 

As a member of the international community, IDACO is always seeking to contribute to the development of our customers by offering better products and services. For this reason, we are conducting purchasing activities for goods and services in accordance with the following policies:

1. Transparency & fairness

We will impartially provide all local and overseas vendors with opportunities to sell us their products and services. In addition, we will vigorously strive to support all our global suppliers in the harness components field to approach the highest technology with the best quality and the lowest cost.

2. Selection standards

We will select vendors based upon rational and clear standards, such as quality, price, delivery assurance and operating stability, so as to purchase superior goods and services from the most competitive suppliers. At the same time our aim is to provide our customers the original components at competitive prices to be added to our customer’s approved suppliers list.
All our vendors should be ISO certified, and we are very willing to support any supplier to get a quality certificate in case they don’t have.
3. Major purchased items
3.A Components
Connectors, Terminals, Grommets, seals, wires, cables, clips, vinyl sheets, relays, fuses, tapes, tubes….
3.B Tooling and machinery
Wire cutting, striping and crimping machines, IDC machines, applicators, presses, tinning machines, wire twisting machines, ultrasonic welding machines, heat guns, continuity test boards, test machines…. 

4. Observance of rules, and protection of the environment

IDACO will always seek to fulfill our role as a good working team by considering all related laws and regulations , we appreciate your understanding of our purchasing policies, and procedures, as elaborated here, will contribute to establishing and furthering a beneficial partnership based on mutual trust.

Information Technology :

In 2001 ,We started the Oracle E-Business Suite  Implementation as a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of business applications for our enterprise. with more than 3M. LE investments supported with the qualified human resources which can fulfill our goals and our Customers targets.

We applied it and upgraded to its latest Applications and Database version to support all of our business cycles in Finance, Inventory, Planning, Purchasing, Production and Capacity planning.

IDACO uses updated Design Softwares such as:

  • CATIA V5-R18 (About 110,000 US$ investments):
    • 3D wiring drawing
    • Wires routing.
    • Flattening.
    • Opens drawings from the customers in all formats


  • CAP-H harnesses design software from Mentor Graphics / USA (About 500,000 US$ investments):
    • Planned training to prepare for future design chances.
    • Complete design capabilities package.


 Research Development :
In IDACO we do real R/D, we develop internally all our conveyor systems, we develop many control and monitoring systems, that help in increasing the performance and efficiency of the company as a whole. We do belive in being differnt and we will make a difference.

Our R& D department achievements :

Ø H-Tester.
Ø Crimping Lab.
Ø Manufacturing card System.
Ø Tracing, Packing  & Delivery Cycle.
Ø Maintenance spare parts follow up System.
Ø CH/CW Software.